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CTF Pwnbox Setup Script

29 January 2021


This is a guide for setting up your Kali Linux 2020.4 64-Bit virtual machine for CTFs. Having a working Pwnbox that you can power on at any time is just crucial. You don’t want to see a tool crash during a CTF and have to spend valuable time debugging.

Automation Script

I wrote a Bash script to automate the entire installtion process. You can find the script in my Github repo CTF Pwnbox Setup Script.

First download the Kali Linux 2020.4 64-Bit image from the download page and open it in either VMware or VirtualBox.

Make sure you run the script as root.

Take a Snapshot!

Don’t forget to take a snapshot of this machine! If anything stops working in the future, you could always revert back to this state where the machine works perfectly. I named this snapshot “Genesis”, refers to the genesis block in blockchain.

In VMware Workstation Pro 16, taking snapshot is:

VM => Snapshot => Take Snapshot...